Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg z"l

Repeated Images of Professor Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg, z"l, the author's grandmother, inside a many faceted jewel


This will be a future social interface site for ALL FAITHS,

Stay tuned for our social media interactive, where you will be able to post images,
stories and text of our loved ones that passed away.


This web site was born as a gift for my Mother's 80th birthday,
Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg, 12 June 2006!
For more information please visit:


WE INVITE everyone to HONOR their FAMILIES:
By adding what they love/loved about their Dear Parents and/or Grandparents, by posting their pictures, writings, poems, and more. By uploading pictures and stories of our parents and/or grand parents, we intend to co-create in the future a global online community that honors their precious gifts and work upon this earth. In our busy modern lives we often forget to give thanks to those who gave us life and supported us to grow!


In addition, MURKI-PURKI is a collective fun playful display of joyous expressions - an online sign-up social media site, where people can share unique aspects of themselves that are playful, innocent, loving, outrageously unique and perky..apropos Murki Purki!! We hope this will be a creative online space for people to add jokes & playfulness. A place to touch each other's hearts and to enjoy innocence & laughter, which can add joy to our lives. To laugh and appreciate life does not mean we will not have space for serious intentions as well as to honor our parent's work or dreams during their life time upon earth, as well as MOURN for those who passed on to the side.


We welcome written text of mourning, longing and missing our loved ones. To purge our feelings of loss and/or share our hearts, as deep longing for our dear beloveds in heaven, can be very healing. Murki-Purki being a forum for bereaving, also sees the need to enjoy life, as life is short and a narrow passage indeed.


Any writings that are not in honor or use of abusive words/language of our family members, will be removed. If someone had difficult past experiences of abuse as children, one can share this from a more personal level, not in a aggressive way but more in the style of forgiveness and letting go.however painful our pasts may have been.


"The world is a very narrow bridge, and the main thing is not to be afraid at all."
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, (Likutey Moharan II, 48).

If you feel inspired and want to add any other suggestion or help us in any form please contact us. It will be a online membership site as well - intended for everyone around the world that miss having a space to feel mischievous, unpredictable yet also stay in integrity and wanting to create loving intention in their own lives and for others.

Thank you, Eva Lindberg

Disarming & Playful Words! Spread the word!

Prof. G. Stendig-Lindberg ~